Carrot peeling machine, cucumber peeling machine, radish peeling machine, salsify peeling machine

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  • Perfect peeling quality, smooth surface, longer shelf life

  • No wear of the transport rollers, "No Mark" operation thanks to foam rollers

  • No congestion ensures an extremely high process reliability thanks to opened peeling stations, which only close when the product is present

  • Water / ascorbic acid optionally applicable for special products

  • Hygienic design with 2 doors

  • Pendulous transport rollers and peeling blades with quick-change system

  • Simple conversion from asparagus peeling machine to vegetable peeling machine with an optional retrofit kit

  • Special transport system: Closer and more flexible product contact - no turning and perfect peeling results even with curved products



Peeling capacity: ± 3,600-4,000 pieces/h
Peel loss: ± 10-20 %
Vegetable diameter: 20-65 mm
Vegetable length: min. 100 mm


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